MCR InstantAtlas Data

What Is InstantAtlas?

InstantAtlas is an interactive, internet-based mapping tool, licensed to and supported by the Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center, which allows users to visually display data gathered from registry data.

InstantAtlas was designed to present statistics in a more user-friendly way. By using InstantAtlas, information and data can be viewed and displayed in a variety of formats (example: charts, tables, maps), and allows easy comparison of different areas (example: counties, regions, measures, years).

What Are The Benefits?

By providing ready-to-view, customizable graphics and charts, InstantAtlas allows users to:

  • Visually explore not only the data of a selected county or central office program, but also its trends, rankings, and other data relationships;
  • Save time creating maps, charts, and graphs;
  • Make the data much more stimulating and easier to understand for presentation;
  • Better communicate health trends and issues;
  • Use visual data displays to identify public health priorities in a specific county or geographic region;
  • Gauge performance over time; and
  • Compare performance among counties or geographic regions.


As an interactive, internet-based mapping tool, InstantAtlas has two versions:

Basic/desktop version for use in designing, populating and publishing Dynamic Reports.

InstantAtlasTM desktop has four parts:

  • Templates – pre-defined views of maps, tables and charts to meet your needs “out-of-the-box”.
  • Publisher – enables you to publish reports with the geographies of your choice.
  • Designer and Style Editor – enables you to create a custom look and feel for your reports.
  • Data Manager – enables you to store, manage and publish your data from Excel or Access.

Cancer Incidence, Demographic and Behavioral Risks
Data are presented both as a double map showing correlations between indicators and as an area profile showing comprehensive overviews for user-selected counties.

Advanced/modular server version extends and expands the range of solutions to include database-driven local information systems, data observatory and area profiling applications that allow you to share location-based statistics and indicators. InstantAtlasTM server enables information analysts, researchers, and data professionals to create highly interactive web solutions that combine statistics and GIS data to improve data visualization, enhance communication, and engage people in more informed decision making.

InstantAtlas Server for use in displaying a large number of indicators, improving data management processes and streaming data ‘live’ to dynamic reports.